Time Lapse Videos

From time to time, I upload time lapse videos to my YouTube Channel. I’ve been doing this for several years and have accumulated many videos as a result. Below are a few selected videos and you can see the full list on my YouTube Channel (link opens new window).

I love the classic look and love to draw it. I"m loosening up on major details and focusing on the small detail for emphasis. Hope you enjoy! Please show your love and subscribe and like! Thanks!
I tasked myself to knock out a painting for the upcoming Baykeepers annual Art of the Bay show at The Mobile Arts Council in Mobile, AL. We were given a variety of things to choose from relating to the Mobile Bay Watershed. I chose the Alabama Pitcher Plant!
A "quick" daily digital painting. This is only the 2nd completed digital painting that I've done and I'm still learning the medium. I used Tayasui Sketches Pro on the iPad Pro with an iPencil. I truly love this app. However, my only complaint would be the inability to move the options menu from the center of the screen while making adjustments.
After taking a short break and being sick I'm back at it with another drawing! I think the break did me some good and I really enjoyed drawing this one! I hope you enjoy as well! Please leave a like and subscribe if so! Thanks!
I love painting these blooms! This little painting measures about 8 x 8 inches. Oil paints on canvas. I did this in multiple sittings in order to glaze in some colors. I played with doing a grisaille this time and it really made the glaze layer pop! I hope you enjoy this timelapse!
Though it doesn't seem so much here, this image evolved slowly. Even the full timelapse was cut down from 7 mins to 3 mins. For this image, I'm really focusing on layering and how each layer affects the other and is dependant on the one below it as well as above it.